Friday, October 21, 2011

A walk to Remember….

It’s been like about more than 2 years that I have given up all blogging, soon after I got my first AdSense check of 100$ from Google I remember. It’s really ironic why I did stop that at that kinda stage where already had 2 blogs with Google rank of 4 & 5 with some nice commercial step-ins at hand to continue everything with a nice perfection. It’s sort of hardly could imagine how it would have been I myself, and where would I be by now, if I hadn't done so by that time. hmmmm... You know, the Past’s the Past. Now, there is this new inspiration, a motivation I would say, for me to step back into blogging and this time, it’s just not the childish aggressive pal who was new to the field, but... as a bit of matured engineer with a lot more expedience + most impressively, a true lover and explore on Social Media wave, a flying topic to be mastered in the new era of IT.

Not just like in earlier... No Basketball, No daily outings, No long hangouts, No overnight work for continues days when couldn’t get the Webshpere servers up and running... Nope, not anymore…. It's been well focused and more matured (I think ;)) on all aspects of the life now. Though I don’t believe the fact that it’s just nothing to get more than 500 chaps on FB and about 100 on Twitter, it's still important to keep the crowd grown around me, keep doing what others admire on me the most wholeheartedly, finding more and more means on what I'm exactly looking for in the life; which keep me going, keep me alive on this digital world, the least.

Just one fact to ponder & emphasis, if someone’s inspiration towards the life is keen and so keen that even he himself can’t believe at the end of line what kind of belief that has dragged him into that far of success, well then, you will be just impressed and admired by thousands out there, including the one ones who tried to pulled you back timely. And, that’s kind of memo I m trying to recall with my first post in here, it’s merely a walk to Remember, Indeed….

“Stay hungry, Stay foolish” ~ Steve Jobs (1955-2011)