Thursday, November 17, 2011

HipHop + Java + Geeks...

In the cubicles representin’ for my JAVA homies… 

Okey now you know where I am getting to eh!!!..  LOL.... There was this nice HipHop feat created aiming for  "Java Life" sometime back, which really happened to take me, well, may be due to the facts that HH is my most favoite rap music culture and Java might be my best programming language. It really touches with the beat and brings some weedy feeling when you have followed the lyrics.

It's street HipHop, indeed. check it out!!!!

Aaaand, this is about making java Life.. These geeks really look like programming freaks, ain't they?

~ Sippin’ morning coffee with that JAVA swirl...... Born to code; my first words were “Hello World”  

Friday, November 4, 2011

The play of “Twitter” in Rugby Worldcup 2011

Let me start it like this…..

When He was at grade 6 in the college… One day, one best friend along with whom he used to come/leave the college asked him to join their crew to play some sports, what they called ..something*#%@$*#.. after school, which he didn’t mean to make, but utterly had to be in there however…  that turned out to be a start-off of a very bright sports life for a national player at the last in the county. The era was around 1993…The sport they referred was Rugby… And that  little kid who honored as a national player was….. Well I will make a separate post about him later on… ;-) and the story goes on…...

Coming forward to the present… I’m gonna as 2 questions, 
How many of you were in touch with Rugby world cup which happed to be enclosed with a great set of memos? Yeah I know...Most of you ;-)  And..
How many of you following the championship on Twitter?... well may be not all of you… 

Some might question, what can a 140-character long string exactly do on this whole internet and at least why the people are into talking about it.

Getting back to the topic, let's have a look on how much impact the Twitter has introduced to the social media arena on this special event Rugby world cup, what kind role that it had actually been, and how it’d been important for the followers to use it other than just watching it on the web or TV and enjoying themselves. 

First have look how Rugby World Cup 2011 Social Media Strategy was conducted in order for the success of the event.

The micro-blogging nature of Twitter had been amazingly active to produce more than 4 million tweets just the tag of # RWC2011 that consisted of more than 1.5 million just during the finals. It had been estimated around 3 million tweets had been released just on the day of finals on. RWCFinal had been a worldwide trend during the same time. Just check out how it has been during the play time on Twitter; the eagerness of activities with @RugbyWorldCup

Millions of users have been amazingly into updating their twitters and letting the world whats really going on in the field. They even mightn't had thought how many number of hits they will get for those little strings.

The Rugby worldcup 2011 official site and their social media section says that, the Twitter had involved in a very major role in getting the event into the next level and with those massive stats, it can be concluded that, the people actually do this.. they follow on what they want so crazily.. On the other hand, people who account for those massive stats, they spread them all tweets no matter where they are and who will actually follow them. 

~~ Ask not what your twitter can do for you, ask what you can do for your twitter