Thursday, April 19, 2012

Next-Gen Technologies for Product Innovation

Formation and successive-introduction of better products or improvising on the original to achieve more productive outcome through a well-managed process for a significant competitive advantage of the business growth could be simply termed as, product innovation. It is essentially supported by many ingredients in which the Next-Generation Technologies play a vital and direct-influencing role.

Defining an innovation process, maintaining its transparency, introducing more collaborative SE-process, research/migration with Next-Gen technologies/platforms, being compliant with latest social media trends etc… would be some ultimate challenges for a typical organization working on product innovations. It has been proved that the support of Next-Gen technologies makes a higher contribution for product innovation, not only in terms of making products more prolific and high in performance, but turning the whole chain very cost-effective at their development/maintenance etc..., hence, adding value for the product owners.

Technologies are being enhanced and expanded every moment having the fact that “how to re-innovate technologies to gain the best outcome from current products” is addressed. Cloud computing platforms, scripting based RAD stacks, platform independent software frameworks, context-aware mobile computing, Next-Gen web etc…, which maximize the performance and scalability are the latest hits in the arena that have provided positive solutions for the mentioned challenges. Thus, one of the major intentions behind all these Next-Gen technologies has been to innovate the next chain of product(s) with the absolute gain of advantages from the technologies or/and to power the process of product re-innovation to yield maximum possible than what is being gained currently, in every aspect.

Next-Gen social technologies, for example, have been the latest trend that could possibly be the next showground to drive product innovations as it is capable of producing social knowledge and intellect on demand. High usage of social media with intended business purposes, listening to social web for required social intelligence/capturing new ideas and social media injections/integrations are some of the proven means which are paving the way for sustainable product innovations within any context. The series of rich and incredibly supportive social media tools, on the other hand, have made the tale of social and product innovations much easier than ever before.

With this exponential competition…, don’t wait for the best future-technology to drive your current product innovations…, instead, go for the best innovation with the best technologies available today… that would certainly find the way to be the best among the Next-Gen technologies as well.

Every generation's breakthroughs are proven false by the next generation's technology.
~ DAN BROWN, “The Lost Symbol”

So does “Product Innovation”.

Dhammika Sriyananda